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Discover formal and informal professional learning programs and practices that will keep you at the top of your teaching game.

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  • Video Coaching as a Tool to Retain New Teachers

    School leaders can use video coaching to provide instant support and a sense of belonging that helps new teachers want to stay in their jobs.
    Stephanie Hofer
  • How to Balance Resting, Reflecting, and Learning This Summer

    Summer can give teachers time to rest and engage in collaborative learning that reconnects them with what they love about education.
  • Candidate interviewing for a job in an office

    11 Questions You’ll Be Asked at a Teaching Interview

    Commonly asked interview questions you can anticipate—plus tips and links to resources you can tap as you polish your answers.
  • 5 Effective Ways to Support Teacher Collaboration

    School leaders can make collaboration a priority so that teachers learn from each other and develop their instructional skills.
  • What to Know About College Adjunct Teaching

    Many K–12 teachers enjoy the experience of leading college classes occasionally. Here’s how that works.
  • A teacher hugs her student.

    The Power of Being Seen

    How well do you know your students? In a Nevada school, a simple strategy pushes teachers to look beyond the lessons.
  • Centering Choice in Professional Development

    When professional learning is infused with choices, teachers are more engaged. Here are a few tips for getting started.
  • How Principals Can Find and Work With a Mentor

    If you’re a principal, or aiming to be one, it’s a good idea to connect with an experienced leader who can guide you in your career.
  • Group of teachers meet in a classroom

    Building a Culture that Respects Teachers and Reduces Stress

    When teachers are given time to work closely with other teachers, and have achievable goals—school culture thrives.
  • 6 Museums With Exceptional Teacher Resources

    From full-fledged lesson plans and virtual field trips to expansive digital archives and opportunities for professional learning, museums have so much to offer beyond the in-person experience.
  • 5 Ways to Make PLCs Work Better

    Tips for teachers and school leaders on how to ensure that school-based professional learning communities are successful.
  • Promoting Teacher Retention Through Mentoring

    The first years of teaching are hard, but a strong mentoring relationship within a supportive induction program can make all the difference.
  • 3 Habits of Highly Effective Teacher Teams

    When time is of the essence—and the goal is to drive deeper student learning—here are three ways to keep teacher teams focused and productive.
  • Teachers meeting in a classroom

    Creating Effective Professional Learning Communities

    If managed well, these teams can help teachers innovate in the classroom and improve student outcomes.

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